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Although you can install the compact bidet yourself, we are here just in case!

Bidet Installation

  • Remove toilet seat
  • Place Bidet's adjustable bracket on toilet hole
  • Place Washers, and nuts to secure Bidet
  • Adjust Bidet's nozzle to the center of the toilet
  • Ensure the nozzle freely inject outwards
  • Firmly tighten both nuts of the toilet seat
  • Water Supply Connection

    Turn off water supply valve Detach toilet water supply line from water supply valve Install a "T" adapter to water supply valve or connect a "T" adapter to water tank inlet connection and tighten it (apply Taplon Tape) Connect the water tube of BIDET to the outlet of the "T" adapter and tighten properly Crack open the water pressure controller of BIDET and turn on water supply valve for priming purpose and check for leaks