September 12, 2017
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January 4, 2017



USPA 6800 Electric Bidet toilet seat description The USPA is a top-of-the-line electric bidet seat both in terms of quality construction and aesthetics. From its attractive, piano black styling stripe to its classic beveled edges, the USPA toilet seat bidet is sure to impress. The USPA bidet seat features dual self-cleaning spray nozzles and a convenient, easy-to-use remote control with LCD window that allows for simple operation of all its luxurious cleansing and drying functions. The USPA has a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, auto wash and kids functions, heated seat, a constipation relieving IIP constipation relieving IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) enema function, and much more.


  • Dual Nozzle with IIP
  • Far Infrared Ray Air Dry
  • Convenient Wireless Remote
  • Heated Hydraulic Seat
  • Quick Release Type
  • Deodorizer and Power Save
  • Product Specification

    The electric bidet is most suitable for obtaining a warm gush of water in the toilet. It is ideal for usage during cold climates. In addition, the electric toilet bidet also provides huge amount of convenience, so that you do not have to bend to use toilet paper or a mug every time. If you wish to have a toilet seat as per comfortable temperature, the electric bidet seat can also do the same for you. If you have faced instances when the toilet seat has proved to be too cold for your comfort, then this product is certainly meant for you. USPA 6800 is the best product available within this price range. The convenient wireless remote available along with the online electric bidet is most convenient for adjusting temperatures. Scroll below to know about the features of this amazing product. You will notice that it has been designed keeping your comfort in mind at all times, which can be seen through different features. By operating through electricity, the instrument is able to throw water with adequate force for rinsing your genitals and other private areas. Buy this product now to provide yourself and your family members a healthy as well as hygienic life.