HB 2500
January 4, 2017
Portable bidet
January 4, 2017
HB 9000


HB-9000 warm and cold water bidet gives you a fresh feeling all day, enjoy a clean healthy life, relieve the inflammatory symptoms of hemorrhoids, Constipation, Diarrhea and minimizes usage of toilet paper.
HB-9000 Warm & Cold Water Bidet is a User-friendly Bidet for handicapped, those with hypertension and obesity or the infirm during clean-up.
HB-9000 Bidet make the Clean-up process for women during menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Also Helps in keeping clean and healthy life.
HB-9000 Bidet is one of our best sellers bidets, it is easy to attach to your toilet seat.
HB-9000 is Ideal as a gift.
HB-9000 Available only in White.
HB-9000 Warm & Cold Water Bidet Has 3 Knobs.

1- Water Pressure Control Knob Adjustable to the desired level by switching from strong to Smooth adjustments.
2- Water Temperature Control Knob Will give you a water temperature from Cold to Worm with adjusted washing personal hygiene at your own desire.
3- Self Nozzle Cleaning Cleans nozzle with high pressured water for enhanced hygiene.

Twin Nozzle
Twin Self Nozzle Cleaning
Warm & Cold Water Bidet


  • HB-9000 Cold Water Bidet and Warm Water Bidet with Dual cleaning nozzle Available to use three levers (nozzle selection, water pressure adjustment, water temperature
  • adjustment) conveniently.
  • More hygienic than one nozzle type with two nozzles (Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash) .
  • The Nozzle is designed to be exposed only when used.
  • Easy adjustment of water temperature (When the boiler in operating) .
  • Warm water is available anytime.
  • Nozzle self cleansing function ( Two-nozzle system ).
  • Comfortable and easy operation.
  • Easy installation and Easy to remove.
  • No electricity needed .
  • Superior material ABS resin with Excellent design.

    A trip to the bathroom is meant to make oneself feel fresh. In the winter months, usage of a warm water bidet can allow you to feel fresh every time. The ability to set temperature in this gadget allows you to experience the touch of warm water on your backside. Comfort provided by this bidet is naturally of the highest order. Magic Bidet is a top manufacturer of such bidets.

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    Advantages of a bidet

    The bidet is more hygienic than direct use of water in the toilet. You do not need to clean your private areas with hand, as the same can now be done using a bidet. Less wastage of water takes place in this case, as we may keep taps opened for running water during direct washing. Here as soon as the bidet comes back to normal shape, the stream of water stops. By virtue of being hygienic, bidets prevent infection from several harmful diseases spreading to various users. These diseases include inflammatory symptoms of haemorrhoids, diarrhoea and constipation. No usage of toilet paper is required as a result. As mentioned earlier, water temperature can be controlled in an electronic bidet. Much like usage during winter, in case you want cold water during summer, temperature for the cold water bidet can be set. Though the device from us remains the same, it is just water temperature which is being fixed as per requirements. Installation of the bidet is quite simple. It is directly connected to the water supply of the bathroom. Depending on the type of bidet being bought, it will either be directly connected to the toilet seat or will act as a manual attachment next to the toilet. While the former is known as an electronic bidet, the latter is called as a manual bidet. Due to its temperature control feature, an electronic bidet is more expensive than the manual one.